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You've Got Mail---(((With Sound)))------105 KB (Short/Medium Wait)

Xtreme Stix---(((With Sound)))------285 KB (Short/Medium Wait)

The See-Saw---(((With Sound)))------25 KB (Short Wait)

Priceless---(((With Sound)))------29 KB (Short Wait)

Uncle F*cker (Don't worry, it's not pornographic)---(((With Sound)))------1 Meg. (Long Wait)

The Stick Trap Story---(((With Sound)))------3.3 Megs. (Very Long Wait)

The Stick Matrix---(((With Sound)))------146 KB. (Short/Medium Wait)

Stick Fight 1---(((With Sound)))------3.3 Megs. (Very Long Wait)

Fighters---(((With Sound)))------2 Megs. (Very Long Wait)

Beer Trap---(((With Sound)))------35 KB. (Short Wait)

Stick Fight 2---(((With Sound)))------48 KB. (Short Wait)

Living Target---(((With Sound)))------108 KB. (Short/Medium Wait)

Living Target---(((With Sound)))------30 KB. (Short Wait)

South Park Stick---(((With Sound)))------34 KB. (Short Wait)